Roser Mundó

Message from Roser Mundó, a 62 year old Multiple Myeloma patient from Andorra. She stayed in the welfare flat for transplant patients close to Clinic Hospital in Barcelona.

Libro de visitas roser mundó

Transcript of the message:

"I am Roser Mundó Vidal. After being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma by Dr. Cobos, I was told that I needed an autologous bone marrow transplant. Following the treatment that took me to the point of receiving the transplant I was referred to the Clinic Hospital, which is regarded as the leading hospital in Barcelona in this type of transplant. I would like to thank my doctor, Dr. Francesc Cobos, Dr. Urbano who was the first to visit me in the hospital, and finally Dr. Marin and Dr. Francesc Fernandez who together with their team of wholly professional nurses have helped me to reach the end of the road with this disease. Thanks also go to the José Carreras Foundation for providing the flat which has allowed me to continue my routine and be with my family. I am very grateful to all the doctors and their teams of nurses who have wonderful professionalism and unforgettable characters. Congratulations everyone!"


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