Scientists from the IJC win a contract from Health Canada

Scientists from the Stem Cells, Mesenchymal Cancer and Development Group, led by Dr. Pablo Menéndez, have won a contract for 350,000 euros from the Biologics and Genetic Therapies Directorate (BGTD) of Health Canada.  The BGTD is the authority that regulates biological drugs and radiopharmaceuticals for human use in Canada, which includes stem cell-based regenerative medicines.

The most serious risk associated with these treatments is the possibility that these cells can promote cancer in humans. At the moment there is no way to distinguish between healthy stem cells and the ones that have the specific ability to start growing cancerously. The project is to develop ways to identify unsafe stem cells that may cause cancer formation if used in humans.

This work fits perfectly with other research lines of this group and will take place over five years.

Webpage updated 02/04/2020 13:13:40