Shared values

Joining the José Carreras Foundation against Leukaemia is a partnership of shared value, a commitment to solidarity and life, guided by scientific accuracy, patient care, credibility and transparency.

The tenor José Carreras created the Foundation that bears his name in 1988 with the objective of investing all resources at his disposal to achieve a definitive cure for leukaemia.

  • Path. We guarantee 25 years of experience and international trajectory with independent offices in Spain, United States, Germany and Switzerland, chaired by José Carreras and coordinated by an International Scientific Committee, presided by the renowned Professor Ciril Rozman Borstnar. Learn more.
  • Science and future. We base our efforts in funding scientific research projects in order to improve the future of leukaemia patients and achieve their cure. Learn more.
  • Social commitment. The commitment to patients is one of our main efforts. Offering aid to hospitals, free medical consultation and a network of foster homes to improve quality of life of patients and their families. Learn more.
  • Independence and transparency. We are financed 100% privately, thanks to the contributions of our partners and donors (individuals and companies), to inheritances and legacies, to the provision of REDMO's services, to financial income and, especially, thanks to charity concerts and recitals of our President, the tenor Josep Carreras. Request more information or income results.
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