Impact measure system

The Foundation's mission is pursued by implementing its Strategic Plan and, specifically, by carrying out the three Activity Programmes decided on by the Board of Trustees

  1. Support for scientific research.
  2. Search for non-related donors for bone marrow transplants.
  3. Social services: reception apartments, patient care, awareness raising.

Whether a specific activity is considered to be a Foundation Programme depends on various criteria:

  • Identified need.
  • Ability to provide an effective response.
  • Coordination with the public health, research and social services system.
  • Financial and technical possibilities.

This process is implemented by the Board of Trustees with the aim of achieving a positive impact in favour of patients. It implies choosing which activities it is not possible to tackle on account of them already being covered, being beyond the means of the resources available, implying a risk of dispersing material and human resources and consequently of posing a risk of not being able to produce any significant change.

Impact measurement for our programmes is carried out in a number of ways, fundamentally by quantified and disseminated metrics as well as by external accreditation and evaluation.

Support for scientific research

Grants and support

The National and International Scientific Committees have been responsible for granting, renewing and evaluating the Grants and Support conferred, on the basis, mainly, of articles published.

Impact measurement:  The so-called “Impact factor” and “h-Factor” corresponding to each publication are accounted for in accordance with international standards accepted by the scientific community. At the present time this task is performed by the Foundation's Technical Secretary.


Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute

Accreditation: the Institute has been evaluated positively (B+) on two occasions (2014 and 2018) by an International Scientific Committee designated by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia) Research Centres organisation, known as CERCA. This evaluation covers both scientific and managerial aspects: scientific production; attracting talent; professional development; platform and infrastructure management; financial management, and impact on the social setting.

Impact measurement: The Institute publishes its Reports detailing, amongst other aspects, the fundamental variable that attests to the fulfillment of its mission: scientific production: Scientific Publications.

The Institute expects to be soon awarded other research qualifications that will enable it to participate in every kind of national call for tenders.

Search for non-related donors for bone marrow transplants

Authorisation: the REDMO Registry (REDMO) is registered as an Authorised Tissue Centre in accordance with current legislation: SEE HERE.

National accreditation: the Registry has been recognised since 1994 as the only Spanish Registry by means of a Framework Agreement with the Spanish Ministry of Health. It has agreements with every Autonomous Community managed by the Spanish National Health Service. FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT.

International accreditation: REDMO forms part of the World Marrow Donors Association (WMDA) and has been awarded its quality certificate.

Impact measurement: The Registry's critical impact parameters are the number of non-related donor searches carried out successfully, and the length of time taken to achieve that outcome. All this data, their evolution and other quantitative and qualitative indicators, are collated in the REDMO Annual Report and in the Foundation's Annual Report.

Social services. Reception apartments. Awareness raising.

Reception apartments:

-Effect verification

-Certificate of good execution

Impact measurement: occupation of the apartments and consultations dealt with, these details are published in the Annual Report.

Awareness raising

Accreditation: Website accredited by the Official College of Doctors of Barcelona and by Health on the Net (HON Code)

Impact measurement: see metrics in next section


Other impact measurements

In addition to the impact measurements for the programmes that pursue the Foundation's mission, the team conducts monthly, three-monthly and six-monthly measurements of all kinds of indicators, especially those regarding social and financial support, as well as diffusion in our social media. The index of the Indicator Dossier is as follows:

o   Summary of period results and tendencies.

o   Partners: current, new and cancellations for the period, sums raised, classification by fundraising channel, age pyramid, penetration by Autonomous Community, most frequent amounts donated, loyalty by channel, return on investment by channel, and recovery campaigns, recapture, reactivation, analysis of cancellation by motive.

o   Occasional donations: funds raised, segmentation by fundraising channel, age pyramid, segmentation by Autonomous Community.

o   Loyalty campaigns: indices of message receipt and opening by campaign, analysis by campaign, return on quota incrementation actions by segment, lead conversion.

o   Legacies and inheritance: capture, administration and liquidation.

o   SMS campaigns: results and conversion to partner indicators.

o   Fund-raising events: being planned, concluded, funds raised, repercussions, promotion in new channels.

o   Online shop: results, sales.

o   Corporate alliances: companies sponsoring awareness-raising campaigns, companies donating variable sums, partner companies. Capture and loyalty. Prospecting.

o   Messaging: messaging on social media (Facebook, Blog, Twitter, Instagram) and communication thorough the conventional media, publication achieved, reach, mentions, interaction.

o   Marketing in social media: website access, origin by country, most visited pages, evolution of social media followers.

o   Quality: updated process map, revised processes, improvement projects underway, quality reports, updated risk analysis, advance ERP implementation.

o   Training: content, participants and evaluation.

o   Information technology: improvement projects, degree of accomplishment thereof.

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