Start of the application

The José Carreras Foundation, through its REDMO programme, acts as the coordinating centre for the whole donor search process. The REDMO is not only responsible for the administration of the Spanish Bone Marrow donor registry but also for the whole process of the search for unrelated donors for the Spanish patients.

Any application to initiate a search for a donor must reach the REDMO/José Carreras Foundation through the medical centre in charge of the patient and with the complete consent of the doctor treating the patient. The first stage is to record all the details of the patient (age, diagnosis, medical history, etc) and specifically the characteristics of their HLA typing*, which needs to be verified by an accredited laboratory. The application to initiate a search in Spain should be authorized by the Transplant Coordinator of the relevant autonomous community.

REDMO conducts donor searches for both Spanish and foreign patients. In the case of the latter, the application will be received through the national registry of the patient's country or occasionally in countries where there is no national registry it will be received through an authorized hospital. REDMO has established links with the main global registries which facilitates the processing of all searches, both sent and received.

*HLA Typing: Laboratory technique that facilitates the identification of HLA (antigens) molecules in the lymphocytes (and also in the platelets) of a person. The beginning of the reaction is relatively simple, but its execution requires several hours and the interpretation of the results is a delicate matter. The human leukocyte antigens (HLA) are molecules found in the white blood cells (or leukocytes) of the blood and in the surface of almost all tissue cells of an individual. The HLA distinguish between familiar and alien entities in the body and ensure a response of the immune system. They have the capacity to defend the organism against foreign agents that could cause infections.

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