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Paciente Tere 1

Jorge and Tere

"Hi there! Let me first introduce myself. My name is Tere and I am 31 years old. I am a very cheerful, active and sporty person. On the 29th November 2009 I was diagnosed with B-CLL at 9 de Octubre Hospital in Valencia. I couldn't be treated there as the hospital wasn't equipped for transplants, so I was sent to Arnau de Vilanova Hospital. During the following six months I was given a chemotherapy treatment by Doctor Encarna Monzo, who proved to be not only a great professional but also such a warm person. I would like to thank her for that. I am about to undergo both a bone marrow biopsy and a CT. I'm not going into remission yet, but at the least drugs are having a positive effect. I'm really looking forward to be healthy again and bringing this nightmare to an end.

I've got 7 wonderful brothers just in case I ever need a transplant. However, I'd like to encourage everyone to become a bone marrow donor as we could all be helping to save lives. Many people who need one are currently waiting. I would also like to encourage people to donate blood and platelets as many transfusions are carried out every day and all kinds of donors are required. To all the donors I just have one thing to say: THANK YOU. You should be really proud of what you do because you're helping so many people who need it.

I would also like to send all my support to the families and patients who are currently suffering and to all those who have just been diagnosed. Do not forget: Always move forward.

Before ending, I'd like to thank Josep Carreras Foundation, our big family from the Forum, Asociación Asleuval and everyone who deals with patients suffering from this cruel illness. Also a special mention to Vicky, to cheer her up and tell her everything will be alright.

I'd like to tell Jorge, my husband, that he is the most important person in my life. I love you!

I've got two plans: to have my own family and be able to somehow help everyone suffering from this illness.

A huge hug to you all."


Help people like Tere by becoming a member of the cure for leukaemia and haematological malignacies, HERE.  You will help us to continue our research so that one day these diseases will be 100% curable.  With only a little you can do so much. Thank you!

Find out more about bone marrow donation, HERE

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