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Testimonies of bone marrow donors

"To donate bone marrow is to save a life", "to donate is something LITTLE that changes A LOT", "I feel like I have a twin brother somewhere in the world", "to donate is an opportunity for two, for me I can do something amazing, and for the patient they can be cured"...

These are some of the thoughts of the people who have altruistically donated part of their bone marrow. All of these donors gave LIFE to a leukaemia patient who needed a transplant but did not have a compatible family member.

In Spain there are more than 130,000 registered donors and on a global level that figure stands at more than 22 million. They are normal people, healthy citizens who decide to say YES to saving a life and YES to sharing their health with someone who does not have theirs.

Para nosotros son pequeños grandes héroes que, un día, su vida cotidiana dio un giro y se convirtieron en personas que han salvado una vida. Y eso...no lo puede decir cualquiera.

For us they are all heroes who one day turned into life savers. And for this we cannot be more grateful.

  • ChusChus

    "Es una experiencia que repetiría si fuera posible. Y, aunque toda la donación es anónima, yo seguiré en la lista de donantes el tiempo que haga falta para asegurar que mi receptor está totalmente curado" (in Spanish).

  • PilarPilar

    "Recientemente doné médula por aféresis. Algunos creen que es un acto de valentía, realmente no lo es. Valientes son las personas que cada día luchan por su vida" (in Spanish).

  • RubénRubén

    "Puedo decir que soy DONANTE porque todo es bueno: porque te hace sentir bien, porque es bonito ayudar, porque es necesario, por un millón de cosas y por ninguna" (in Spanish).

  • ItziarItziar

    Can you imagine how I felt? I thought I would never receive that call. It was amazing for everything it supposed" (in Spanish).

  • AntonioAntonio

    "That feeling that with very little effort you have been able to save the life of another person, it is unspeakable, you feel totally realized" (in Spanish).

  • Ángel ManuelÁngel Manuel

    "If I were lucky again to be able to donate marrow and give life back to anyone else, I would not hesitate for a single second" (in Spanish).

  • JosepJosep

    "I had a slight idea about this type of donation, but I did not know the very small probability that had to be produced to make it effective" (in Spanish).

  • JoaquínJoaquín

    "2015 was a great year for me. I managed to make many personal projects, including help to save a life" (in Spanish).

  • JavierJavier

    "I have had sporting achievements, I have achieved goals and all this has given me great satisfaction, but nothing has made me so happy in my almost 40 years of life as having helped with my marrow donation to save the life of another human being, and also my own brother" (in Spanish).

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