Testimonies of bone marrow donors

"To donate bone marrow is to save a life", "to donate is something LITTLE that changes A LOT", "I feel like I have a twin brother somewhere in the world", "to donate is an opportunity for two, for me I can do something amazing, and for the patient they can be cured"...

These are some of the thoughts of the people who have altruistically donated part of their bone marrow. All of these donors gave LIFE to a leukaemia patient who needed a transplant but did not have a compatible family member.

In Spain there are more than 400,000 registered donors and on a global level that figure stands at more than 32 million. They are normal people, healthy citizens who decide to say YES to saving a life and YES to sharing their health with someone who does not have theirs.

Para nosotros son pequeños grandes héroes que, un día, su vida cotidiana dio un giro y se convirtieron en personas que han salvado una vida. Y eso...no lo puede decir cualquiera.

For us they are all heroes who one day turned into life savers. And for this we cannot be more grateful.

  • RafaRafa

    Rafa's testimony, a citizen of Madrid who donated his bone marrow in 2007.

  • RaúlRaúl

    Raúl's testimony, bone marrow donor in 2010 from Madrid.

  • JanJan

    Jan Millastre donated his bone marrow to an Italian patient in 2008

  • Luis AntonioLuis Antonio

    Luis recibió una llamada sorprendente: era compatible con un paciente y éste necesitaba que donase su médula. "¡Qué bien! Seguimos pa'lante", contestó, "si se puede ayudar a una persona..."

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