The birth of the project

The Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute was born from a desire to deepen the study of the mechanisms by which leukaemia and other blood related cancers develop with the ultimate goal of developing diagnostic procedures and treatment and improving their precision. These mechanisms must be directed more and more concretely towards resolving or avoiding damage created by the growth and proliferation of malignant cells through the identification of new therapeutic courses and the application of new treatments.

Josep Carreras i pacient 2010


Three great forces are involved in the birth of the Project:

  1. The will of José Carreras, his family and the Foundation to continue their fight that began more than 20 years ago with the goal of eradicating leukaemia.
  2. The excellent level of science already to be found in Catalonia, specifically in the field of haematology.
  3. The aim of the Generalitat de Catalunya to consolidate their network of research centres and form a pioneering biotechnology and biomedicine research facility.
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