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The José Carreras Foundation have awarded their 2011 international fellowship to a scientist from the University of Yale

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The Scientific Council of the José Carreras Foundation, which is lead by the renowned Prof. Cirl Rozman, have awarded their 2011 FIJC-11/EDTHOMAS international fellowship for scientific research to Dr. Pedro Pablo Medina of Kline Biology Laboratory at the University of Yale (USA).  The fellowship will enable Dr. Medina to develop his project entitled: "micro-RNA-21 induced haematological malignancies". 

The FIJC-11/EDTHOMAS fellowship finances projects for three years and supports candidates who have completed more than three years but less ten years since their doctorate.  This group was identified as one which does not have a wealth of resources available at an international level.

Scientific research is the cornerstone of the José Carreras Foundation.  We are convinced that the success of the treatment against leukaemia can only be reached by dedicating a significant amount of resources to achieve therapeutic advances. The José Carreras Foundation against Leukaemia has attributed more than 8 million euros to research, financing more than 170 fellowships for young researchers. 

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