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The patient's image

Everybody understands that physical aspect is secondary and that the main thing is to recover. However, this does not hide the fact that many patients, most of them women, feel displaced or distressed by the fact that the treatment may cause secondary effects. The loss of hair is one of the most traumatic effects emotionally speaking.

It is essential that the patient talks to her family, friends and partner about her concern. But in case she needs some professional help, she should visit her doctor, psychologist or social assistant from the Hematologic Service, because this person can help her to bear the situation and inform her about the different existing possibilities.

What are the possibilities?

There are many ideas that may allow you to cope more positively with the treatment. Being good looking does not cure cancer, but surely contributes to being more positive.  In the case of total loss of your hair, and if you prefer not to use a wig, there are other solutions like handkerchiefs, caps, or any other compliment, that may positively help you to feel better.

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