Tribute to Fran

A chihuahua. That is the second major desire of 10 year old Fran. The first is to be cured. Since the age of 2, he suffered from acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and, although he overcame long and difficult treatments, and two bone marrow transplants which transmitted both energy and goodness, he has not won the final battle against the disease.

Fran and mum

Fran, with his mum.

Fran was an example as a boy and a patient. In the words of his mother, Eva, "he never had a problem when they needed to make a bone marrow puncture or subject him to intrathecal treatment. He always helped the doctors that attended him, he is an obedient boy but above all, noble".

Fran passed away on the 27th of December. He had recovered well from his second transplant, after our Foundation helped to locate a compatible donor in Germany. However, several viruses and infections complicated the situation. His mother Eva, has sent us these words:

Fran thumbs up 

Fran hug


"Now he is finally resting after 8 years of struggle. Now he is in heaven, free from, drips, chemos, punctures, and medications. Now he is healthy, calm, happy and taking care of me, as I did for him while he was here. It is his body that I miss, he is with me all the time telling me he loves me, that from now on everything is going to be ok, and that the year to come will be full of good news and happiness. Fran has been and is an example to of fight and perseverance".

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