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I am Victoria Baraja and I have written this account to describe a little bit about the mess I found myself in.


 In 2009 I started to have anaemia and I was given iron to help this. When they found out what I had I was in the middle of changing jobs.

I was really happy because I had changed jobs and it was going really well. When I noticed several painful lumps on my legs, I was told that it was Erythema nodosum but they didn't know what was causing it. After 5 months they carried out a medical test at work and the following day the doctor called me and told me to go to my GP immediately because they didn't like the look of my test results".

When my doctor saw the results of the analysis, she sent me straight to A&E. I was starting to get a little scared but when I arrived to the emergency room and asked if I had leukaemia, the doctor said no.

Over the following days I began to feel quite bad and they repeated the tests. From A&E I was sent to the haematology ward and after hip puncture and several other tests the verdict arrived on the 5th of January 2010; "Victoria, you have high risk acute myeloid leukaemia". I suppose those who have been in the same situation know how I felt. My body was cold, and it felt like life was escaping me. What a feeling! I immediately thought about death.

My haematologist explained a little bit about the process and the guidelines. I began the treatment with Vidaza®, wonderful Vidaza®. Thanks to that drug the disease went into remission after a year and a half, which allowed me to undergo a bone marrow transplant from my twin sister. Although we were only 50% compatible, she was the person to donate her bone marrow and my only hope for a cure. I am still really scared that everything will go wrong but if it all goes well then my plan for the future is to live each day as it comes. I want to enjoy life, only worry about the things that need worrying about and to be happy with my family and friends".


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