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They will all go out at the same time, on the morning of June 23rd to give a hopeful message in the fight against this illness.

'You don't know how tough you are until life puts you to test. Now that times are hard, value what you have. Smile and enjoy life, it is wonderful. VALUE LIFE!'



This is the message that the José Carreras Foundation against Leukaemia wants to communicate to the whole society in the name of all patients, to mark the occasion of the Week against Leukaemia 2012 (21st-28th of June).

A few months ago, we came out to the street to say it loud and clear and we made a small experiment which will touch your heart...


Yolanda now and before

Yolanda Martínez, ex-Hodgkin's Lymphoma patient, co-protagonist of the "Value Life Experiment" and creator of the concept.

Now, in order to celebrate the Week against Leukaemia 2012 and continue alerting society, on Saturday June 23rd, 152 patients and their families will join the "Value Life Experiment" and spread this hopeful message. The purpose is no other than raising funds and sensitizing society on the fight against leukaemia and other haematological malignancies. Every year 5,000 people suffer from leukaemia in our country. Although today the scientific level and the doctors in our country are excellent, still 1 in every 4 children and half of the adult patients don't get a chance to win the battle. In the José Carreras Foundation against Leukaemia we've had, for 25 years, one main objective: that leukaemia will one day be a 100% curable illness.

Week against leukaemia map

Also, during this week there will be a lot of surprises in the social networks where the José Carreras Foundation participates in (Facebook, Twitter...). Follow them carefully!

How can you collaborate with the José Carreras Foundation and join the Week against Leukaemia 2012?

- Share or re-tweet our posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Become a member of leukaemia's healing, with very little you can do a lot

Get more information on bone marrow donation, you can save a life.

Thank you for your solidarity!

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