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Week against Leukaemia 2013 Campaign: 'VALUE LIFE!'

'You don't know how tough you are until life puts you to test. Now that times are hard, value what you have. Smile and enjoy the beauty of life!'

This is the message that Mar and the José Carreras Foundation against Leukaemia wanted to communicate to the whole society in the name of all patients and former patients, to celebrate the Week against Leukaemia 2013 (21st-28th of June).

We were trying to raise 10.000€, through text messages, in order to open up a new line of scientific research. Infections as well as haemorrhages are the main cause of death and complications for patients suffering from haematological illnesses such as leukaemia.More info here.

2013 Weeks against leukaemia video summary

2013 Weeks against leukaemia video summary

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