Welcome message from Josep Carreras

Dear friends,

In 1988, when I recovered from leukaemia, I set myself an objective: help the people who are in the same situation as I was, have more opportunities.

Since the creation of the Foundation we have not stopped promoting and carrying out projects with one goal: that leukaemia becomes a curable disease in all cases. During the last decades cure rates have improved a lot but still today, one out of five children and one out of two adult patients remain unable to overcome the disease. Often, as you know, due to the serious side effects of treatments.

As you can see in our activities, we are attacking the disease on many fronts. Our success depends in large part on the support of lots of people who work with us, UNSTOPPABLE people against leukaemia.

On behalf of all those who are a part of this organisation, I want to express my upmost gratitude to all the people who support us, both financially and by other means, such as donating bone marrow or umbilical cord blood. With each research project, each small charitable contribution, and each cured patient we are expanding the opportunities for those who, sadly, suffer and will suffer through this terrible ordeal.


With warmest regards,

José Carreras

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