III Jornada científica del Instituto de Investigación contra la Leucemia Josep Carreras

El pasado viernes se celebró en el Hospital de Sant Pau de Barcelona la III Jornada Científica del Instituto de Investigación contra la Leucemia Josep Carreras en la que participaron investigadores y médicos de los tres campus del centro (Campus Clínic-UB, Campus ICO-Germans Trias i Pujol i Campus Sant Pau).

En esta jornada de colaboración y puesta en común participaron más de 70 científicos. Estamos muy contentos con el resultado. ¡Juntos, seguiremos investigando IMPARABLES!

Los proyectos que se presentaron fueron los siguientes:

- "Cytomics: A Translational Approach". Jordi Petriz (Campus ICO-GTIP).

- “The study of chromatin regulation as nexus between basic and translational research“. Marcus Buschbeck (Campus ICO-GTIP).

- "Quality of Life in patients transplanted with hematopoietic progenitors". Anna Barata (Campus Sant Pau).

- "Modeling coenzyme Q10 deficiency using iPSC". Damià Romero (Campus Clinic).

- "New diagnostic platform in AML". Josep F. Nomdedeu (Campus Sant Pau).

- "The Complete Mutome and Clonal Architecture of del(5q)". Vera Ademà (Campus ICO-GTIP).

- "Development of nanoconjugates for cell-targeted therapy in hematological malignancies". Isolda Casanova/Victor Pallarés (Campus Sant Pau).

- "Activated KRASG12V cooperates with MLL-AF4 to promote extramedullary engraftment and migration of cord blood CD34+ HSPCs but is not sufficient to initiate leukemia". Cristina Prieto (Campus Clinic)

- "Discovering cell-cell communication between natural killer cells and multiple myeloma cells to unravel both the beneficial and adverse effects of this phenomenon". Beatriz Martin (Álvaro Urbano's Lab. Campus Clinic)

- "Prognostic impact of gene rearrangements and of miRNAs expression in HIV-related lymphomas”. Maria Joao Baptista (Campus ICO-GTIP)

- "The role of FcGRIIB in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: implications for clonal control and expansion". Rosa Bosch (Campus Sant Pau)

- "Evidence of defibrotide internalization and its endothelial protective effect in hepatic endothelial in vitro model". Marta Palomo (Campus Clinic)

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